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Since 1997 we have been dedicated to offering a wide range of services to meet all of our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) needs for clients worldwide. Our services include IRC friendly linux shell account hosting, psybnc or ZNC IRC bouncers, IRC server hosting (IRCDs), SSH port forwarding, TCP/SSL proxies, and anything else you can think of running on a reliable Linux shell account on a fast and secure network.

If you're looking for a highly reliable IRC-friendly Linux shell account on a redundant network and blazing fast servers, well, you have found us.

Our friendly staff's knowledge, professionalism, and experience is what makes the difference every time that you need us. We could go into more detail about all of the other reasons why thousands of Linux and IRC users choose to call us home, but we'd rather you find out for yourself.

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status updates

Upgrades for 2016!

All of our servers at our data center in Denver, CO have been upgraded with more bandwidth, advanced DDoS protection and SSDs for faster performance.

New Knowledgebase

We have just finished redesigning our brand new KB section, which has information and answers to many common use cases for our shell accounts.

New IPv6 V-Hosts!

We've added many new native IPv6 addresses with vanity virtual hosts for use on any IPv6 capable IRC server. Don't get left behind!

Georedundant Backup

We now perform free nightly geographically redundant backups of all of our servers. All of your important data is backed up to our own secure encrypted databank in San Diego, CA.

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