KIRE IRC bouncer accounts are perfect for the individual who looking to maintain privacy while on IRC or to use a humorous vanity hostname. A BNC is an application that runs 24 hours a day on our high powered servers and network. It accepts incoming connections as an IRC server, and acts as a proxy between you and a real IRC server while masking your real hostname and staying connected even when you're not - here's an example:

We offer the two most popular and secure bouncer types: psyBNC and ZNC. Your BNC will always be connected to your preferred IRC server and channels. Even when you close your IRC client, your BNC will maintain your connection. When you connect to it again later, you'll instantly be back on the channel(s) and server you left. This also lets you hold your nickname, or allows you to hold operator status on a channel without having to leave your own computer on.

Every KIRE BNC account has access to bind your IRC connection to any one of over 100 different hostnames. These witty and amusing vanity hosts can be used as your connecting hostname while on IRC. To view the hostnames available, click here. In addition to your IRC bouncer, your account comes with a fully functional and SPAM protected e-mail address accessible by POP3, IMAP, or Webmail anywhere in the world.

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