$3.99 USD
$2.00 Setup Fee
IRC bouncer
KIRE IRC bouncer accounts are perfect for the beginner individual who is only looking for privacy on IRC or a vanity hostname. A IRC proxy bouncer is an application that runs 24 hours a day on our servers. It accepts incoming connections as an IRC server, and acts as a proxy between you and a real irc server - masking your real hostname and staying connected even when you turn off your local computer. You have complete control over your bouncer.
$3.00 USD
$5.00 Setup Fee
IRC Eggdrop Bot
KIRE managed eggdrop bot accounts are perfect for the novice user who wants an IRC eggdrop bot. We know that not everyone has the time, patience, or technical experience to maintain their own IRC robot. Our system administrators will handle everything from the installation, and configuration to security and maintenance.