How to install Anope IRC services (ChanServ, NickServ, OperServ, etc)

How do I install Anope?

Here is a guide to installing Anope. If you come across any problems with following this guide or have problems understanding it please feel free to contact us for a little bit more help.

1) First login to the shell you want to install anope on then type:-

wget --no-check-certificate

tar zxvf anope-1.8.9.tar.gz

cd anope-1.8.9/


2) You will now be asked a few simple questions, we shall help you answer these as best as we can.

2.1) In what directory do you want the binaries to be installed? - Just press enter
2.2) /home/username/services does not exist. Create it? - Just press enter again
2.3) Where do you want the data files to be installed? - Press enter
2.4) Which group should all Services data files be owned by? (If Services should not force files to be owned by a particular group, just press Return.) - Enter again for this one
2.5) What should the default umask for data files be (in octal)? - Enter again, This should be fine as it is
2.6) Allow anope to automatically check for mysql libraries? unless you get errors with make, there is no need to change this setting. - Just press enter again.

3) After that script has finished doing its thing you now type "make" if that dont work use "gmake"

4) Now you need to install it by typing "make install"

5) Ok so now you have installed Anope onto your server you have to configure it. You do this by going back to your shell root and entering the new folder thats there called "services"

6) Download the a template Anope config by typing: wget

7) Now you can edit services.conf - there's lots of comments in it intended to help you configure Anope. If you have trouble, feel free to ask any questions either via our IRC channel, or via submitting a support ticket.

8) Ok you are now ready to start your services. You do this by typing: ./services

Your services should now connect fine if everything has been done correctly. If they dont please come back and request more help from our dedicated staff.

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