How do I restart my ZNC IRC bouncer?

To start your znc, simply type:

 [~]# znc

If you receive an error message saying your ZNC is already running such as this:

 [~]# znc
 [ .. ] Checking for list of available modules...
 [ >> ] ok
 [ .. ] Opening config [/home/username/.znc/configs/znc.conf]...
 [ !! ] ZNC is already running on this config.
 [ ** ] Unrecoverable config error.

This means you need to first stop your running ZNC process and then start it with the new <Pass> entry.

To find the PID # of your running ZNC type "ps x":

 [~]# ps x
16650 pts/19   S      0:00 -bash
20721 ?        Ss     0:09 SCREEN irssi
20722 pts/12   Ss+    3:26 irssi
24068 ?        Ssl    0:00 znc
24344 pts/19   R+     0:00 ps x

Find the corresponding PID# in the PID column on the same line as your znc, and then kill it:

[~]# kill -9 24068

Then start your ZNC again:

[~]# znc



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