Using TCL scripts to further enhance your eggdrop bot

Using Tcl Scripts

Using Tcl (pronounced 'tickle') scripts is the easiest way to add extra features to your Eggdrop. There are hundreds of Tcl scripts out there that add all sorts of interesting capabilities, such as advanced on-join greet functions, improved channel protection, additional public commands, trivia and other games... the list goes on.

Tcl scripts are often compressed with gzip, and have the .gz filename extension. You can extract these in Windows using 7-Zip or on the shell using the 'gunzip' command, e.g. gunzip scritptname.tcl.gz. Many scripts require configuration before you use them, so it's a good idea to open the script and read the documentation and settings before adding the script to your bot. Note that some scripts are in the Unix file format, and will not display properly in some Windows text editors (such as Notepad), but will look fine in others (such as Wordpad).

To add a Tcl script, you must copy the Tcl file to the /scripts directory of your Eggdrop. You then need to add a line to load the script at the end of your bot's config file. Near the end of the example config file, you'll see a couple of lines like this:

source scripts/alltools.tcl
source scripts/action.fix.tcl

If the script you want to add is called fun.tcl, you would add the following line just under the lines above:

source scripts/fun.tcl

Once you've placed the script in the /scripts directory and added a pointer to it at the end of the config file, type .rehash in the command console. This will load the script and it should be active and ready for use (note that some scripts may require you to shut down and restart the bot rather than just rehashing).

Check out the Tcl Scripts section for some of the best Tcl scripts. Also take a look at the Links section which lists several other sites with large Tcl script archives.

If you have some experience writing Tcl scripts and would like to write your own for Eggdrop, have a read through the Beginners Guide to TCL, and be sure to check out tcl-commands.doc in the /doc directory which contains information on all of Eggdrop's built-in Tcl commands. If you're completely new to Tcl, try the excellent Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6. And download yourself a copy of the Tcl Manual for quick reference.

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