End of Life (EOL) for IP address block (Resolved)
  • Priority - Medium
  • Affecting Server - KIRE Cloud Servers

  • One of our /27 IP blocks had to be retired and EOL'd due to routing issues. We have received a new allocation, and all customers and v-hosts that were assigned to the old block have been renumbered and updated in our nameservers.

    If you are having difficulty connecting, it is likely because you are using an old IP address. Please check your email for notifications of renumbering, lookup the new DNS or the vhosts page for a list of the new IPs.

    Thank you for your continued business!


  • Date - 06/27/2016 16:53 - 06/29/2016 07:00
  • Last Updated - 06/29/2016 16:55

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