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Information about configuring and using IRC Eggdrop Bots

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Information on IRC bouncers (or proxies) like psybnc and ZNC

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Information about IRCDs / Hosting your very own IRC server

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 How to configure your eggdrop bot

Configuration There are two files you will need to edit before you can start up your Eggdrop -...

 How to install and configure an UnrealIRCD Server

1. Getting Started Running an IRCd takes time, effort, and plenty of knowledge about IRC,...

 Using TCL scripts to further enhance your eggdrop bot

Using Tcl Scripts Using Tcl (pronounced 'tickle') scripts is the easiest way to add extra...

 Okay, my bot is online, now how do I interact with it and use it?

DCC Chat and the Party Line The great majority of Eggdrop's functions are controlled in a DCC...

 How do I restart my ZNC IRC bouncer?

To start your znc, simply type:  [~]# zncIf you receive an error message saying your ZNC is...